Deal Maker Award


Themis, with its innovative patented “WRT” technology, won the “DEAL MAKER WINNER” award in the competition “Slingshot 2019” held from 8 to 13 November in Singapore during the international event “SFF x SWITCH” (Singapore Fintech Festival x Singapore Week of Innovative Technology”).

The “Slingshot 2019” competition is organized by the government agency native “Start-Up SG by Enterprise Singapore” to attract if Asian the best technological innovations globally of-I give them the opportunity to present themselves in front of a very wide audience of international investors (investment funds, Venture Capital, Family Office) and potential users (local companies, government bodies and numerous multinational companies including them the major players in the digital sector or Google, Microsoft and Amazon).

“Slingshot 2019” saw the participation of over 2,400 start-ups from 120 countries, divided into six segments: Agritech, Healthtech, Urban Sustainability Solutions, Fintech, Consumer and Manufacturing & Transportation.

A jury made up of high-level professionals and experts from each specific sector rigorously selected all 2,400 start-ups, choosing the 600 best technologies in the first phase.

A further and even more rigorous selection then led to the de-termination of the “Top 100 Global Start-ups” that met in Singapore for the completion of the final phase consisting of a series of presentations, both on-stage and person-to-person.

At the end of five days of intense work, the jury awarded various prizes worth more than SGD 2,000,000.

The final general classification saw the start-up EKO.AI as “GRAND WINNER “thanks to an innovative technology for the prevention of-heart disease, while THEMIS won the prize “DEAL MAKER WINNER”, or the second prize in order of im-lift delivered by the Minister of Industry and Commerce SMS Poh-Koon Koh and Enterprise Singapore President Mr. Peter Ong.

The start-up based in Legnano, the only Italian company present at the event, met with enormous interest and appreciation for the innovative patented “THEMIS WRT” technology that allows drastic reduction of organic waste (sludge, dirty water, perhaps) allowing the recovery of the water contained in the original waste without any emissions into the atmosphere and with very low operating costs.

A sincere satisfaction was also expressed by H.E. Dr. Raffaele Langella, Ambassador of Italy to Singapore, who visited the wind met the CEO Mr. Michele Romanò and the President of Board of Directors Avv. Giuseppe Ramundo noting that the result obtained (second in a competition with over 2,400 competitors) the excellence of Italian skills in the field of innovation technological.

Thanks to the result obtained at this event, THEMIS threw the bases for the realization of an expansion project in the markets Asean.

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