Service – On-Site Verifications, Inspections and Support

In detail we inspect:

  • smooth operation of pumps and motors;
  • shaft seals means wear parts (both fixed and rotating);
  • the regular operation of control equipment;
  • the replenishment of oils and fats;
  • the alignment of couplings;
  • valves and pipes;
  • electronic control systems;
  • mechanical seals (with replacement if at risk).

The benefits of our inspections

  • machine downtime for necessary repairs is avoided with maximum reliability;
  • one stop for services and controls;
  • we guarantee the optimal operation of the plants thanks to the necessary replacements of the parts at risk;
  • supply of necessary spare parts thanks to an efficient network of primary accredited suppliers;
  • expertise and capabilities at the highest levels of all our operators.

We have been following the major Italian manufacturing industries for a long time. We operate in accordance with the rules and laws of the country in which we work, with the utmost attention to the safety of people and the environmental impact. We employ highly specialized professionals who ensure the full functioning of all systems and process equipment maintained, without any interruption.

We carry out checks, inspections and repairs directly on site, we evaluate the correspondence between the design and plant engineering objectives and the actual performance detected. We implement and implement the optimal improvements for the correct operation of the plant and equipment.

We carry out the control and measurement of thicknesses, vibrations, noises and characteristic curves, to avoid the sudden blocking of the plants, to improve their efficiency and lengthen their average life. We are able to provide timely and flexible support, thanks to the presence of our operators throughout the national and international territory, and the use of mobile workshops equipped to perform the most demanding work.

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