Environmental, Social e Governance

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Environmental, Social e Governance.

The SDGs parameters

Themis' sustainability goals

Themis has implemented actions in line with 8 of the 17 parameters SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) recognised by the United Nations. It has placed a priority focus on the enhancement of human resources and the dissemination of a corporate welfare culture aimed at promoting sustainable, equal economic growth based on effective and transparent governance.


The company has an enterprise risk management system (Enterprise Risk Management), including environmental and social risks.

The company implements sustainability initiatives and/or has a formalized sustainability mission and/or strategy to manage the economic, social and environmental impacts arising from its operations. In particular, the company’s mission takes into account environmental and social factors that are also considered in the long-term strategy.

Enterprice Risk Management


The company conducts its business, applying a system for environmental management.

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Network & Territory

The company makes its human rights management policy public on its website.

Projects have been carried out in schools or the community on sustainability issues.

The company attests to its quality management system, having obtained ISO 9001 certification.



The company has a policy on data privacy and security.

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The company conducts its business, applying a system for managing the safety and health of its employees.

The average age of employees is between 30 and 50 years old.

The percentage of total employees of internships/traineeships activated in the last year is 17%.


House of work

The total average number of hours worked during the last year was 11,007.

Business Model & Innovation

The company applies a system for managing supplier relationships.

The company adopts a system for supplier evaluation.

The company uses applications and technologies that enable data analytics (e.g., analysis of energy and material consumption data).



The company has implemented projects or actions aimed at integrating cloud technologies in archiving in order to maximize the capacity for data collection and use (e.g., replacement of paper archives with digital databases, dematerialization).

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Leadership e Governance

The company has been publishing its results regarding environmental and social sustainability within a special report since 2021.

The company applies a system for the management and prevention of corruption.

The company presents nationally or internationally recognized third-party certifications regarding the environment.



The company presents nationally or internationally recognized third-party certifications relative to employee health and safety.

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