Service – Pumps and valves

Themis experience is at your disposal for consulting and specialized industrial maintenance services in national and international markets.

Siamo tra le aziende più qualificate nell’ambito della manutenzione di pompe e valvole

We use technical checks to avoid sudden plant closures, integrating with framework contracts and relying on the predictive maintenance system. As part of pump service and maintenance, we provide customized technical assistance (with inspections, inspections and improvements); maintenance and repair directly at the customer’s premises; planned preventive maintenance (during plant shutdown).

We carry out specialized repairs. Following the disassembly of the components we draw up detailed inspection reports, which include our proposals, both for possible repairs and for the most efficient and effective performance planning, or for the replacement of the damaged component with another new construction. We support the customer by making the technical choice of the most suitable component for the type of plant.

On commission, we take charge and deliver on site the equipment subject to review. We have a network of highly qualified staff for inspections and inspections to ensure the optimal operation of the systems. We offer assistance at the highest levels in the industrial maintenance of valves: for power plants, refineries and petrochemical, chemical and food industries.

We operate in compliance with the most widespread needs of customers: speed, adherence to the discipline of the industry and the rules for safety. We offer our advice as a single interlocutor, able to guarantee all the necessary interventions for the functional restoration or the replacement of goods.

Our services are characterized by timeliness, effectiveness and efficiency for valves of all sizes, material and brand, shut-off valves, regulation and safety. We are able to provide planned maintenance on large batches of valves both during plant downtime and during normal production; we guarantee the on-site intervention of our technicians for maintenance and extraordinary overhaul, with a maximum of 48 hours.

We also offer a comprehensive service and technical advice on valve performance. During overhauls, we rebuild spare parts for all valve types: spare parts are made from the best materials of the same or better workmanship than the original. We also keep detailed documentation on our audit activity that allows us to consult immediately for any type of need.

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