Themis awarded as Excellence of the Year 2022 by Le Fonti Awards


Themis won the 2022 edition of Le Fonti Awards®, the twelfth edition of the award assigned to excellence in the business, legal and professional world.

The importance of this result goes beyond Italian borders because it is linked to the international prestige of the promoter of the award. Le Fonti is in fact the first Italian media company and the seventh in Europe in the business sector. Its live streaming channel, dedicated to all the most important international economic and political events, is followed daily by over one million viewers in 125 countries.

The awards ceremony which took place on 23 June 2022 in Milan at Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, will be followed by similar events in London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Mumbai. On each of these occasions the most advanced companies in the secondary and tertiary sector globally for innovative skills and leadership will be awarded.

Themis won in the sustainability category with the following motivation:

Themis – Excellence of the Year – Innovation & Leadership – White & Green Biotechnology

“To act as a point of reference in the circular economy. For the aim of applying innovative technologies for waste reduction and for the optimization of the use of energy resources, always following the imperatives to reduce, reuse, recycle”.

These words take on an important meaning in the moment we are experiencing, which has seen the sudden decline in the availability not only of energy resources but also of water and food resources that at least in the West we took for granted.

The award therefore represents a precious encouragement for Themis and for all the companies born with the aim of ensuring immediate and effective solutions to the environmental problems that now affect every part of the planet.

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