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Themis WRT

Innovative technology for the drastic reduction of sludge, wastewater and organic waste.


Themis WRT

Themis WRT is an innovative patented technology for waste treatment, mainly but not exclusively with an organic matrix, whose efficiency and speed make it unique in its kind.
An advanced solution in the treatment of sludge, wastewater and food waste that guarantees a drastic reduction in volume and, consequently, a reduction in related disposal costs.
Themis WRT expresses the real and virtuous application of the concept of Circular Economy since it allows in a short time to transform the original waste into distilled water and a reusable sub-product.


Nowadays the disposal of many wastes and in particular:

• sewage sludge from the both organic and inorganic matrix,
• wet fraction of waste from large hotels, restaurants, supermarkets,
• food production and cultivation waste,

constitutes an important expense item in the company balance sheet, with costs destined to grow over the years due to increasingly stringent industry regulations and scarce availability of accommodation facilities for disposal.

The presence of water in high quantities in this waste suggests the opportunity to separate the water from the solid part of the waste. In this way a substantial reduction of the volumes to be disposed of is obtained with the possibility of re-use both of the solid part of the original waste and the water contained in it.

However, the currently available drying systems require particularly structured machinery with limited performance, long processing times and high operating costs.

The patented "Themis WRT" technology, on the other hand, is able to use a wide range of thermal vectors (hot water, condensate return of the steam lines) even at low temperature, thus optimizing the use of energy (both electric and/or thermal) to allow evaporation.

In this way we completely overturn the result obtained through traditional systems, guaranteeing high performance in reduced times and limited costs.


Themis WRT

Themis WRT

Currently there is no machinery on the market able to provide such high performance with such reduced dimensions and operating costs: it is in fact possible to obtain a 70-90% reduction in the volume of waste to be disposed of with a limited energy demand.

Themis WRT is also totally customizable: its configuration is designed and "tailor-made" implemented based on each specific situation and need.

Thanks to "THEMIS LAB" we can perform preliminary testing sessions in order to identify the optimal configuration of the machinery to be reproduced on an industrial scale.

The operational functions of the machinery are managed by a proprietary software designed by us that constantly monitors its operation even remotely. Operation is completely automatic and does not require the constant presence of a specific employee.

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