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THEMIS is an EPC CONTRACTOR capable of supporting customers with the entire supply chain for the design, construction and assembly of industrial plants.


Prototype plants and equipments

Thanks to a team of experts in various disciplines and collaborations with the main Italian Universities, Themis can design and introduce electromechanical prototypes in the industrial process, validating the process and product innovation.

Cross-cutting know-how out of thirty years experience, combined with a proven Supply Chain, give life to the excellence that Themis can offer alongside its clients by manufacturing experimental automatic prototypes.

The next generation design of prototypes by the best computer systems, the implementation of safety documentation and relevant manuals and the certification of the equipment manufactured make the prototype usable in complete safety according to the best international standards.

THEMIS takes care of the entire project alongside its clients as general contractor for the realization of a real “turn-key” solution, supporting the client during all steps of development up to testing and integration in the production cycle of the prototype realized.

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Via Brescia, 13 - 20025 Legnano (Milan - ITALY)