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Transformation to S.p.A. (joint-stock company).

Today the Shareholders' meeting of Themis S.r.l. has deliberated the share capital increase and its transformation into a joint-stock company (S.p.A.). The corporate transformation represents, in fact, a great achievement, obtained thanks to the physiological growth that Themis has undertaken over the years and the extraordinary evolution and technological uniqueness that has distinguished it on different occasions internationally.

The choice was made with the aim of confirming and strengthening the role of Themis in the Circular Economy sector, orienting itself towards the future with new growth prospects and a particular focus on innovation, applied research and the development of new technologies for the environment.

“Our mission - says Michele Romanò, Themis CEO - is to develop and promote innovative technologies, useful for the recovery of resources and the substantial reduction of waste and industrial waste. At this historic moment, it becomes fundamental to adopt a strategic approach leading to a transition towards a circular economy, based on intelligent growth, conceptually regenerative that starts with efficient resource management. The goal of sustainability is something that, in fact, unites life and the future of all of us."

In conjunction with the corporate transformation, and in line with the strategic development plan, Themis also announces the signing of important Joint-Venture agreements with leading companies operating in the Asian and North European markets and consolidation relations with leading research institutes and national technology partners.

The increasing attention to a technological and innovative approach, to the needs of the market and the environment, will guarantee Themis and its investors, not only an interesting financial performance but an investment in sustainable technologies in favour of a better world.

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