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Our own Laboratory

Themis LAB is our state-of-the-art equipped laboratory to run specific tests and analyzes of waste to be treated with WRT technology and in particular performs the following activities:

  • Technical production analysis.
  • Analysis of energy consumption.
  • Quantitative analysis of the waste to be treated.
  • Qualitative analysis of the waste to be treated.
  • Development of technical tests on different waste matrices.
  • Themis LAB is active in the creation and production of new-generation chemical additives that improve the yield of biological processes necessary for the treatment of wastewater or generic organic matrix materials. Production is focused on the following sectors:

  • Reclamation of contaminated sites: reclamation treatment of contaminated soils (eg from hydrocarbons, PAHs, chlorogenics etc ...) through non-GMO enzymes and microorganisms that can be used on the ground to accelerate the degradative reactions of pollutants and recover the original use of land.
  • Purification: improvement of purifier performance, reduction of operating costs and optimization of purification processes.
  • Landfills: design and construction of automatic spraying systems on the poolside with consequent reduction of odorous emissions, production and pollutant load of the leachate.
  • Sanitation of waste collection vehicles: reduction of smelly emissions from vehicles dedicated to waste transport.
  • Remediation and deodorizing of solid urban waste collection bins: the treatment minimizes the odorous emissions coming from the bins and controls the presence of pathogenic germs due to the presence of waste.
  • Biological treatment: treatment to reduce foul-smelling emissions, the polluting load and therefore the environmental impact in large communities, hospitals, rest homes, schools, fruit and vegetable markets, restaurants, slaughterhouses, industrial plants, sports facilities.
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