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Themis WRT

Innovative technology for the drastic reduction of sludge, wastewater and organic waste.


Themis WRT

WRT is a highly effective innovative technology in the treatment of various wastes such as sewage sludge of both organic and inorganic matrix; the wet fraction of waste from canteens, restaurants, supermarkets; waste from agri-food production; cultivation waste.

The WRT solution is highly efficient and guarantees an exceptional reduction in disposal costs thanks to a substantial reduction in the volume of waste treated.

WRT works under vacuum to reduce the percentage of liquid in the waste to be treated, with process temperatures of only 50 ° C, allowing the use of low temperature thermal vectors (such as water cooling motors), with a significant reduction in operating costs compared to other technologies .

In this way, the vapours condense and emissions are not generated in the atmosphere, to the advantage of both the simplicity of management (control of emission points, chemical management and machine downtime) and environmental respect.

Themis WRT

The system is an integrated response to the economic, technical, environmental and administrative aspects related to the treatment of organic waste through a vacuum concentration process, with the condensation of the generated vapours and the formation of a final product in an aggregated and stabilized form.                                  

The treatment involves the use of a reactor, of particular geometry and patented, assisted by microwave emitters and chemical catalysts. The technological solution offers a complete and integrated solution through the synergic action of different technologies and principles:

VACUUM EVAPORATION: by lowering the boiling point of water, we achieve a net reduction in specific energy consumption.
MICROWAVE EMISSION: this treatment, in addition to contributing substantially to drying, makes it possible to stabilize the matrix.
STEAM CONDENSATION: the condensation of the vapors and the recirculation of the condensed phase to the purification plant (or to a possible post-treatment) allows to have no emissions in the atmosphere, as is the case for many other drying technologies. This allows an important technical, managerial and administrative simplification.
MIXING SYSTEM: the reactor is equipped with a mixing system, which guarantees both the efficiency of the heat exchange and the correct movement of the material inside of the reactor.
ADDITIVATION OF STRUCTURANTS AND CATALYSTS: through the targeted dosing of these compounds, it is possible to further improve the performance of the machine.


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