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THEMIS is an EPC CONTRACTOR capable of supporting customers with the entire supply chain for the design, construction and assembly of industrial plants.


Biomethane production plants

THEMIS through of its international partner DEMETRA offers a specialized service for the design, construction, management and assistance of plants for the production of biogas and biomethane as a renewable energy source. The proposed technology is applicable in the agro-livestock sector, waste treatment (civil, agro-food, etc.) and slaughter waste. THEMIS can offer a turnkey service, from the feasibility study of the initiative, from the development of environmental authorizations to the final testing of the plant.

The production range can satisfy requests for plants of various potential, based on the customer's needs:

  • Small potential ⇒ (da 50kW a 300kW)
  • Medium potential ⇒ (da 350kW a 700kW)
  • Large potential ⇒ (da 800kW a 1000kW and over)

DEMETRA owns an innovative technology that is quick to install, easy to manage and guarantees maximum reliability on biogas yields. This new technology has been called “ADbag the easy way to biogas”. The complete installation of this system takes about 30 working days. AD-bag system can be used with big-bag of 12, 15 or 18 mt diameters. With the mentioned diameters, it is possible to feed cogeneration units of about 30kW, 50kW, 70kW the consequence can be used mainly for small biogas plants.

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