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"Only companies that put the future of the planet in the first place
have a better chance of growth in the long term"


Our Mission.

THEMIS is a company with a high technological content operating in the White & Green Biotechnologies sector.
Our mission is the development, design and construction of systems and solutions with high technological efficiency necessary for the exploitation of renewable sources to reduce the environmental impact and of reusing the materials treated.
THEMIS proposes itself as a reference point in the ambit of the Circular Economy and has as its objective the application of innovative technologies for the reduction of waste and the optimization of the use of energy resources.


Our Vision.

The need to transform the economic system from a linear to a circular model is now a fact.
The unlimited use of resources is no longer sustainable, and the keywords Reduce - Reuse - Recycle are not only our vision today, but they are also an obligation and an opportunity for every company.
Opportunities because the concrete application of the concept of Circular Economy involves a lower use of resources and a lower production of waste, which means lower costs.


Our Innovative Technology.

Themis WRT is an innovative and patented technology for the reduction and recycling of sludge, wastewater, organic waste and food waste with exceptional performance and low operating costs.
A real and practical solution of Circular Economy that guarantees a considerable economic benefits thanks to the drastic reduction of disposal costs.
Themis WRT can reduce the original volume by 70-90%, returning 30-10% in the form of a re-usable treated solid product and the remainder in distilled water.
An advanced technological solution whose efficiency and speed make it unique.


Our R&D Laboratory.

Themis LAB is our state-of-the-art equipped laboratory where we perform testing-session and we process Research & Development activities.
Thanks to this structure we are able to analyze the matrix to be treated and the output from the pilot-plant, so that the optimal configuration of our machinery is reached in every single specific situation.
Themis LAB brings our technology to perfection.



Via Brescia, 13 - 20025 Legnano (Milan - ITALY)