Our history

THEMIS was founded with the primary objective of enhancing the process wastes, through a patented, highly sophisticated technology, which allows the re-processing and re-use of wastes in production processes and in the industrial cycle.

Attention to technological innovation together with acute focus in the creation of our products are the cornerstones of our management philosophy: this always leads us in interpreting the needs of the market and of our customers to concretely turn them into new inputs that will give uniqueness to our solutions.

Our competitive advantage is based on a highly specialized team in the industrial, energy and environmental fields and on a unique and unrivaled patented technology, as well as a continuous consolidation, thanks to collaborations with leading university research centers.


Circular Economy is designed on the concept of wastes to be re-used as a resource: Themis philosophy is to bring its technology to the service of a economic system planned for the re-use the material in subsequent production cycles, reducing wastes as much as possible.

Themis will be committed to develop and apply technological innovations meeting customer requirements by interpreting their needs in total respect for the environment.


THEMIS is a company with a high technological content operating in White & Green Biotechnologies. THEMIS mission is focused on the development, design and construction of plants and products with high technological efficiency required in the exploitation of renewable sources with the aim of reducing industrial impact on the environmental and of the re-use of the materials treated.

THEMIS offers its technology as a reference point in Circular Economy: target is the development and application of innovative technologies in waste treatment and energy optimization of technological lines.

THEMIS aspires soon to set itself as leader in its reference market and be considered as a benchmark: an institutionally serious and integral company in offering its unique and needful services.

EU Incentives

The re-use of heat, otherwise dispersed, is part of the incentive mechanisms provided for by the European regulations.

It is also a mechanism of “exchange” of fulfillments between private parties, untied from public funding and therefore not subject to uncertainty and of significant economic value.


Technical skills

THEMIS has a highly qualified team with extensive and undisputed experience in the industrial field, in management, design, development and production of industrial plants and technologies.

In collaboration with Universities THEMIS is able to satifly client’s needs, wholly respecting the environment.